Safety on business trips

“if somebody goes on a journey, he can tell something…”

Traveling is usually an adventure – into the distance, other countries, other cultures. Especially now that traveling is possible again, you should really think about how to make your trip safe, whether for business or pleasure. Travel security starts with the planning of the trip. Both the organizational planning and a “risk analysis” are essential. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What dangers do I expose myself to?
  • What is the current situation in the country I want to travel to?
  • What could happen to me?
  • How can I protect myself with technical, organizational or personal measures or minimize their effects?
  • Who can I turn to in case of an emergency?
Therefore are a few points as well as for business or private travelling to take care of...

That is your “minimum” of travel safety

  • a backup of your travel documents (copys, USB stick, iCloud)
  • your personal travel pharmacy
  • a list in your wallet with your emergency contacts

Make sure you have all the safety information of the country you are to travel to. (safety precautions are different in several countries)

Are your employees well prepared for their trips?

As part of our risk analysis and the resulting measures, we prepare your employees for possible dangerous situations. This starts with comprehensive “self-protection measures” for probable emergencies, f.e.: “self-protection measures” to preparing for travel to the “high-risk country” f.e.: cultural peculiarities, behavior at checkpoints, kidnapping and ransomware.

How can I protect myself and my travelers?

If one is recognized as a “stranger”, this can be the beginning of an unpleasant experience while traveling. It doesn’t have to be the kidnapper or the terrorist. Often it is enough to be robbed.


our advice:

  • Avoid flashy emblems, trademarks, or jewelry – this will help you immerse yourself in the crowd. Casual or simple clothing, tailored to local clothing regulations, is recommended
Being vigilant is paramount

our advice:

  • Criminals are never invisible, regardless of whether they are con artists, pickpockets or terrorists – they are unfortunately often only noticed much too late. Know your surroundings or make yourself familiar with them. Where are safety devices in my immediate vicinity? What is the fastest way to leave the danger area in an emergency?