Menschen vor dem Lift

Use of the elevator in an emergency

Menschen vor dem Lift

Our experience has shown that in emergency situations the people to be evacuated want to use the elevator again and again. Although the ban on the use of lifts in the event of fire is clearly legible on every lift. The apparently faster or more convenient escape route via elevator seems to be anchored in some people. In addition, we use elevators or stairwells every day and therefore want to automatically take these “supposedly safe” routes in the event of a fire, for example.


Just imagine how an evacuation could happen:


All your colleagues, from several floors, run to the elevator at the same time and almost jostle their way into it – you hardly have any space. Smoke rises in your nose, the elevator door opens and closes again. The light barrier is probably defective. Suddenly the door closes and the elevator finally starts moving. It rumbles and rattles –

You’re stuck.

The power went out.

And now?

5 reasons why you should NEVER use the elevator in an emergency:
  • Possibility of cabin overload
  • Overcrowding by pushing people
  • Smoky elevator shaft, shortness of breath
  • Door malfunction, elevator blockage
  • Risk of short circuits / power outages – you are stuck


When planning the evacuation organization, special emphasis should therefore be placed on educating all of your employees. It is also advisable to train an evacuation officer well and to hold regular training sessions with your evacuation organization. Even during an evacuation it is imperative to keep calm – you can only achieve this through exercises that are as realistic as possible.